Who We Are

We were originally founded in 1997 as an IT consulting firm, with specialties in database technologies and integration. SysGroup, Inc. was founded by our CEO and Managing Partner, Raul Tirado. His mission is to provide quality IT services to fortune 500 companies, and he has been instrumental in working with CRM and on-platform integration and architecture design. He graduated from Polytechnic University with a degree in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering. Our CEO has a strong focus on the Oracle Siebel CRM (on premise) application market. Our services also include Cloud (SaaS) CRM and Customer Experience (CX) application, all of which focus on increasing sales, marketing and service automation potential.

The core of our services center around boosting sales output and delivering a superb customer experience, which is why our functional and technical services consist of marketing automation, customer service, enterprise integration, and Salesforce automation.

The Core of Who We Are

We know an inefficient system can affect your company on a variety of levels. We cater to individuals with different goals, whether that is improving the technological aspects of their business, or if a client wants to strengthen customer relations. Our services are IT-based, but the end goal is to help clients better understand their customers. Whether it is customer service or marketing, we have all the bases covered. Our mission is to integrate the best IT systems on the market with your business for maximum productivity.

Individual Attention

SysGroup Inc. is attentive and respectful of your needs, since every business is unique. We tailor our services to your business instead of the other way around. What we do is offer a comprehensive service that does not force you to make abrupt changes to your system or company structure, and we are here to assist you in strengthening the core of your company. We want to help you by taking your company to new heights.

How We Differ From Our Competitors

What separates us from our competitors is 15 years of experience in the CRM field, and our service professionals have an average of ten years of experience in the Siebel technical field. We pride ourselves on attracting the best talent in the industry to get you on a fast track to success.

We have a system of agile methodologies that are proven to enhance sales, boost revenue, and increase your business standing.

Our methodologies will help you attain that competitive edge over your competition, and we will make you well adapted to a technological world that is always changing. We are with you every step of the way, and we believe in simplifying every aspect of your business. Whether you need an upgrade, or if your system as a whole is in dire straits, our team of professionals are trained to root out the causes of inefficient systems and to upgrade your company’s IT credentials. In regards to our own credentials, we have the proper Salesforce certification, and our company is a BPM online and Oracle Gold partner. We look forward to serving you.