Cloud Integration

Integration is crucial in regards to design and deployment. Our particular area of specialty is Cloud software as a service (SaaS) customer relationship management (CRM). Because we offer a SaaS system, we engage much of the technical drudgeries for you. Cloud-based CRM is a system that gives you centralized access to all customer-related activity, along with any data you need to access. Because our CRM is not platform as a service (PaaS), you do not have to manage the system yourself, or engage in deployment. The applications allow you to store important information like sales orders, intelligence, or a customer database.

It is the perfect form of software that eliminates the cost of having to invest in hardware like network security, maintenance, or data backups. And this is a form of software that will virtually negate the need for any IT support, but this doesn’t mean you can go about firing your IT staff. Instead, cloud CRM allows your IT employees to focus on other projects that will strengthen your business.

It is another component that will simplify your business, so you can focus on processing orders and gathering the necessary data on your customers.

What is a Cloud?

A cloud differs from traditional hosting in the respect that it is sold on a first-come-first-serve basis. You can also use only the space you deem necessary, and it is something that can be managed by the user. The name cloud itself is the atypical Internet symbol one would find on various flowcharts. There are two types of clouds, one of the being a public version, where the network is open for purchase from the public, and the other is a private cloud, where only a certain group has access to the system. Clouds are especially well suited for any customer relationship marketing campaigns.

Cloud Computing

What we offer is cloud integration, the process of getting different applications to cooperate and work in unison, along with on premise applications. It is a system that is in place to ensure that all information flows smoothly between applications. Through our customer management application, you’ll get better communication within the system, including passing along certain commands within the network. This means better customer relationship marketing by having the necessary means to implement a cohesive campaign. And integration is also versatile in the respect that it offers scalability – the ability of the user to expand certain aspects of the cloud, such as the number of users for Salesforce login, or to accommodate more applications, for instance. All users can maintain the same information for any login function. Cloud integration also understands Oracle and Oracle derivatives: BPM, SOA, and data integration.

Data is also more secure and uncompromised through the non-use of data silo, a system that could give way to errors. It is the essential component that makes your cloud a functional and cohesive unit.

SaaS-based clouds are a system for any company with a tight budget, or for any company that is looking to become more efficient. Our function is to make your IT experience easier for you, so you can place your focus on driving more sales and exceeding customer expectations.