What We Do

Our goal is simplification when dealing with IT issues. We have a methodology that is meant to root out any problems in your system and get all of your operations back to working order. With a focus on Oracle Siebel CRM (on premise) applications, we are a customer-oriented company that is not only focused on serving you, the client, but helping your customers as well. Customer relationship management (CRM) is our main focus, and one of our areas of specialty is using Siebel applications to solve complex problems.

Enterprise Integration

Integration is one of our primary consulting services. We have the necessary expertise in implementing Enterprise Integration applications to maintain security and stability. We use such apps as Siebel EAI Native Connectors along with XML, HTTP and SOAP, among other forms of technology to bring cohesiveness to your system. Enterprise Integration correlates to performance, migration and deployment, which is why we use only the best technology to fix your system. The root cause of an issue may be complex, but we have found technical solutions that will not only fix the problem, but will help you better understand how to manage the IT aspect of your business for the future.

Customer Experience Technology

What do we mean by customer experience technology? Our company is more than IT servicing; we’re here to help you make a better connection with your consumers. We offer the technology that helps you gain customer intelligence, along with keeping meticulous records of transactions and interactions. Many companies struggle with records and managing customer orders, and there is plenty of room for error when it comes to order duplications, or processing the wrong orders. If you’re suffering from this problem, our customer relationship program will help your business stay afloat, will help your employees stay organized and will allow your organization to become more attentive to customer concerns.


A large part of our business is social, marketing and Salesforce automation. Automation does not mean firing your human employees in an instant. At SysGroup Inc., we believe automation plays a key role in business management – placing less of a burden on you, while helping your workers generate more sales. Automation also helps you play a key role in any marketing campaign you have in mind, such as tracking patterns and behaviors of your customers, along with having a system in place that specifically targets their wants and concerns. Using simple cloud-based systems for customer profiles, sales records and communication are all factors that will foster better workplace communication, more sales and higher revenue.

Customer Service

If you look at our services, you’ll notice that we offer technologies that all center on customer service, because we know that consumers are the life-blood of your company. Clients come to us for different reasons, but the single factor that binds our clientele is increasing efficiency, boosting revenue, and getting a better rate of return on investments. We endeavor to deliver top-notch customer experience so you can pass along the same quality to your buyers. Your consumers will pass along your products or services to friends or family members, which results in more sales for you. Quality customer service can travel a long way, and it will virtually guarantee future customers. You know that one bad transaction could lose future prospects, which is why we are focused on offering you the most advanced technologies, tools and services that will improve customer relations within your business, while gaining new customers in the process.