We are thrilled to have partners who share our vision and are dedicated to enhancing your business operations. Our partners have some of the highest credentials in Salesforce certification, customer relationship marketing, and customer relationship management (CRM). By partnering with BPM Online, Oracle and Salesforce, we all complement each other by bringing afresh exchange of ideas in how we can improve services for our clientele. We urge you to get to know us a little more by knowing who we are partnered with, along with learning what types of investments we make.

BPM Online

bpmonline We are proud to make an investment in BPM Online, because their products and services also specialize in process automation, which helps you and your employees move beyond manual operations for maximum customer improvement. We made an investment in BPM Online because we are dedicated to CRM and Business Process Management (BPM) in the same way as our partner. Our partner combines BPM and CRM, known as process-driven CRM, a process that is dedicated to enhancing internal and external operations of your business for better customer relations management. We also make the same commitment to convenience and expediency in our services.


oracle At SysGroup Inc., we are an Oracle Gold partner, which means we receive active business and administrative support, along with priority renewal. Our partnership with Oracle is invaluable as we continue to implement their Siebel software in our services. Oracle Siebel is one of best interfaces on the market for extracting all forms of customer intelligence. Oracle has a wide array of products, solutions and services specializing in Big Data, customer service software and user-friendly applications. Our partnership with Oracle gives us extra credibility with our customers, because they also have the best interest of the client in mind.


salesforce Salesforce is our partner in cloud-computing services, whose technologies help you better connect with customers. In 2014, they were voted number seven on the list top 100 companies to work for by Forbes. The next time you meet a potential job candidate who has Salesforce certification, you had better hire them on the spot, since this a worker who is well-trained and knowledgeable about all things cloud-based. Our Salesforce certification gives us the insight and knowledge to handle all of your concerns and ideas of where you want to take your company. Salesforce was also pegged as the world’s most innovative company from 2011 to 2013. We are privileged to be partnered with a like-minded institution that has expertise in customer relations management. Their Salesforce AppExchange is a hub for all business-related apps pertaining to CRM, or any cloud-computing app.

Our Role

With our diverse partnerships, SysGroup Inc. has the extra support to produce the best results possible. We only partner with companies who share the same goals and aspirations. By collaborating with our partners, it strengthens our resolve to bring you the best methods and services for your vision. We believe our ties with other firms make us stronger as we continue to deliver the best in customer service.